End of the Line, the final book in Season One of the Monster Hunter Mom series is HERE

Today is launch day for End of the Line, the final book in Monster Hunter Mom Season One! 


What can scare a woman who has faced down vampires, kitsune, were-gorillas, and demons?


Yup – a little girl’s birthday party. Jess Friedman isn’t just Cleveland’s official Monster Hunter for the Roman Catholic Church (a position she and her rabbi have had more than one conversation about) – she’s also a mother of three.


Some days, that means dealing with supernatural threats in the middle of the night, and some days it means spending a bucket of money to get a witch to ward your back yard against invading baddies so that the kids can ride the “pony,” that’s actually a supernatural creature in disguise.


But nothing’s ever as easy as just warding the back yard, is it? Sometimes the trouble comes from an unexpected place. Sometimes, the terror is…the toddler!


End of the Line is the hilarious conclusion to Season One of the Monster Hunter Mom series by urban fantasy author J.D. Blackrose, set in the popular Bubba the Monster Hunter shared universe. Check out all of Season One today!


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