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Hello Everybody!

I had the wonderful opportunity to sit with the amazing Seanan McGuire at ConConction. It was such a rambling, fabulous interview that I didn’t edit it all. I’ve plopped the whole thing down here and you can listen to it in full.

The beginning is my sound test, and usually, I don’t include that, but Seanan did this amazing fast-talking speech warm-up and I had to let you hear it.

This wide-ranging interview is more than half an hour so set some time aside to listen us talk about Every Heart a Doorway, the Incryptid series, eating disorders, snakes and a dick of an emu.

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2 thoughts on “Seanan McGuire Interview

  1. Thank you, I enjoyed this. It’s great to hear her talk about Every Heart a Doorway in that detail. I’d heard that her Siamese had intimidated Gus the murderbird, but not that she rode him! I’m guessing this was Lily? I *adore* the Aeslin Mice, it was one of her very early (now no longer available) proto-Aeslin mice stories that got me hooked on reading her stuff. They have the strong religious ritual and belief – *but don’t use it against others*, like humans do.

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