Jim Hines’ Terminal Alliance

If you’ve read any of Jim Hines’ books, then you know to expect the unexpected.  Here, he steps up and joins the likes of Douglas Adams and Kurt Vonnegut. Terminal Alliance takes absurdity and hilarity to the next level. Every time I thought I knew what was coming, I was wrong. This is a book in which this scenario can take place:

“Relaying to Private Wong’s monocle.”
Wong whistled a Krakau curse, something about tentacle incest. A saucer-sized shard of metal protruded from his back, just below the rib cage. Black blood crusted around the wound. “Did I say I was lucky? I’d like to change my answer, sir.”

The novel takes place at a time when humans have gone feral, and an alien society has figured out a way to rehabilitate them and wake them up. They give them a rebirth, and the new humans  get to pick names they find meaningful, like Fred Rodgers or Wolfgang Mozart.

We open on a ship, the Pufferfish, where our heroes are janitors. These janitors, for Reasons, wind up having to clean up a big mess and save the day, and with frenaliens (think frenemies but with aliens) like these, that is is a very complex problem.

PIck up Terminal Alliance today.

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