Shhh…Souls Fall Coming Sooner Than You Think

In the second novella from The Soul Wars, Souls Fall: A visit from the obnoxious Simon Whitleigh, a representative of the Vampire U.S. Assembly, reveals how far Gaspard’s enemies will go to in order to remove Gaspard from influence and power. Meanwhile, Kara meets an interesting neighbor who must be handled with care.

In this novella, Kara takes on an enormous alligator monster, a giant, and a vampire with seer powers, all the while balancing her increasing feelings for Gaspard.

It’s enough to make a Valkyrie a tad antsy.


“Kara dressed in black fire-retardant tactical pants with a thin layer of Teflon fabric protection which muffled sound and was good for silent operations. She packed gear in every pocket, including a custom flashlight made from aerospace grade metal with special LED sunlight synthesizing bulbs and extra nine millimeter rounds for her Glock 19. She donned her camouflaged sword, throwing stars, and shield and shoved the gun into a sleeveless holster top. A black fitted cotton jacket concealed her weapons. She preferred her sword to guns, but it was better to be prepared. If things got extra rough, none of this would matter and she’d generate her armor, but she hoped the shit wasn’t going to come close to hitting that fan. In fact, she wasn’t certain anything bad was going to happen, but her Valkyrie spidey-sense was tingling, and she had learned long ago to listen to it.”

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