She’s Fearless and Kicks Ass. Meet Kara.

The Soul Wars is divided into four novellas and the first novella, Souls Collide is out June 2.  Preorder now.

A Nordic goddess stood on the step. She was six feet tall with blond hair, almost white, cut close to her head on the sides and back, but long over her eyes. Her eyes were ice blue, and the muscles showing from beneath her racer back T-shirt proved she was in formidable shape. She had a belt slung low around her waist with a knife sheathed on the left side and seven Japanese throwing stars on the right.

Kara turned her eyes on Adelaide. “You know who I am?”

Adelaide drew her shoulders up and lifted her chin. “You are Gaspard Bessette’s assistant, Kara something-or-other.”

“Svarstal. Kara Svarstal. And yes, I am his assistant, his First.”

“What does that mean?”

“I am his top assistant, second in authority only to him.”

“Why the weapons?”

Kara stilled. “I am also his bodyguard.”

“You don’t seem like the kind of woman who likes being ordered around by a man, or a vampire.”

A frisson of distaste crossed Kara’s face before she schooled herself. “I’m on loan.”


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