Upcoming Publications and Events

Some cool stuff to announce.

1. A piece I wrote is going to be read as a dramatized reading March 18 at a program on Immigration in NE Ohio. It is called Generation to Generation. (I think this is super awesome. I can’t wait to see what the actors and director do with it.)

2. I’ll be at ConConction March 11-12 speaking and moderating some panels. Come watch me make a fool of myself creating characters on the spot at my 1pm Saturday slot.
3. I’ll be a guest at ConCarolinas in June as well.
4. My story, Family Trees: A Lovely Little Bookshop story, will be in New Realm magazine soon. This is the second one in a series.
The first one is here. Just buy the one issue for $3.99.
5. My story, Don’t Fool with an Earth Witch will be Mother’s Revenge, an anthology, releasing Earth Day! (cover above)

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