What if Harry Dresden, The Three Stooges and John Wayne Had a Baby? That’s Nate Temple

silver-tongueI like a guy who can meet up with Death, an alpha werewolf, the Minotaur and an Angel for a drink at a bar owned by Achilles. Yes, the Achilles.

Nate Temple is…or was…a wizard. Now, he’s something more but doesn’t know how to use his powers and everything is going to hell in a hand basket around him.

The women in his life are, shall we say, complicated. Extremely complicated, and his best friend lost an eye because Nate dragged him into a fight. Things are tough. So tough that he does something he never thought he’d do.

I really enjoy the Nate Temple series. It is what you would expect to get if Harry Dresden, the Three Stooges, and John Wayne had a baby. (Don’t think about that too hard. Just read the books. And Shayne gives away FREE BOOKS and this new one is only 99 cents.)

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