Thief of Shadows by Jay Requard: Epic Fantasy in Bite-Sized Chunks

He’s a thief called the Panther and he steals from the grossly rich — and the gross — conquerors of the Savannah. In a series of stories reminiscent of the British occupation of India, we get to know Manwe, our main character, and begin to understand his morals and weaknesses. Requard is clearly setting us up for more stories so we’ll have to settle for learning a bit at a time. It’s a tease, let’s be honest.

One thing to note: Requard uses sex openly and without apology, making an orgy seem like just another day among the rich and famous. I was unsure of how I felt about some of the scenes, and then delighted at the open acceptance of sexuality in all its forms.

Available for only $2.99 on Amazon, its a modern take on an epic fantasy, broken into bite-sized chunks. I am excited to see how the revolution begins.

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