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Announcement: My first book, The Soul Wars, will be published in a four novella series starting June 1! The first novella is titled Souls Collide and just for people who follow this page, I'm revealing the cover.

What I need is volunteers to read a manuscript of the book, not in book format yet, in exchange for writing real reviews, tell the truth, on Amazon and BN, Goodreads, etc.

Any volunteers? The whole book is four novellas and a total of 120K words. The titles are: Souls Collide, Souls Fall, Souls Rise and Souls Unite.

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A few nice things to announce.
1. A piece I wrote is going to be read as a dramatized reading March 18 at a program on Immigration. (super cool. I can't wait to see what the actors do with it.)
2. I'll be at ConConction March 11-12 speaking and moderating some panels. Come watch me make a fool of myself creating characters on the spot at my 1pm Saturday slot.
3. I'll be a guest at ConCarolinas in June as well.
4. My story, Family Trees: A Lovely Little Bookshop story, will be in New Realm magazine soon. This is the second one in a series.
5. My story, Don't Fool with an Earth Witch will be Mother's Revenge, an anthology, releasing Earth Day!

For more info, please follow my blog at

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