Just. One. Book. An Opportunity to Share Our Favorites

For all book lovers, parents of readers, parents who want kids to read…send a book.  What a great idea and a great cause. I put the top of the post here, but click through to read the rest.


Just. One. Book.

I live in a town of 1200 people in the Northern Sierra Nevada –IMG_7452where it meets the Cascade Range near Mt. Lassen National Park and about two hours drive northwest of Reno, NV.  Two hundred of that population is students. Over the years as the population dwindled after mines closed, then mills–nothing except tourism and retirement have emerged as ‘industries.’ Many businesses have closed down and with it many things we take for granted—like libraries.

The local junior/senior high school has not been able to purchase new books since the 90s. Some of the “check outs” for old books are in the 1980s. There are no books by people of color in the library. Hardly any books by women are in the few book cases except your standard Austen and Lee. It’s an uninviting place. There hasn’t been a librarian for nearly a decade. And volunteers weren’t allowed. The last eight years students couldn’t even check out books… (read more at the link below.)


Here is where to send book donations (no money, just books, CDs, comics, magazines):

Send us one book.

Greenville High School/Indian Valley Academy

Library Project Attn: Margaret Garcia

117 Grand Street

Greenville, CA 95947

Thank you for your support.

If sending during the month of July (when school is closed) please send to

Library Project/Margaret Garcia

PO Box 585

Greenville, CA 95947

Email me for more information. Teachers are coming up with wish lists for books they’d like to see on our shelves too. writerchickmama@gmail.com . Our schools will send you a receipt too and our students are poised to send thank you letters.